With a strong passion for the world of business, Scott Golden founded Cairbre Consulting in 2022 with the aim of providing small and medium-sized business owners with affordable business support and guidance. Scott recognised the need for accessible and valuable services tailored specifically to entrepreneurs seeking to grow, manage, and expand their businesses.

At Cairbre Consulting, we apply our practical business knowledge and expertise to assist with business strategy, growth, and administration, striving to achieve the best possible results for our clients. Our commitment to continuous practice, dedication, and past experience has made us experts in our field.

Our team possesses impressive professional know-how and experience, all focused on providing business owners with a custom-built commercial strategy. This strategy serves as a foundation for company growth and development, complemented by an array of other services we offer. We believe in helping you achieve your business vision, regardless of your organisation’s current standing or size.

Our ultimate goal is to support you in achieving manageable, sustainable business growth and effective management over time. With Cairbre Consulting by your side, you can count on our unwavering dedication to helping your business thrive and reach its full potential.