Workplace Investigations

Disciplinary Support

With considerable experience in workplace investigation, negotiation, dispute resolution Cairbre Consulting can devise disciplinary support for a company by following these steps:

  1. Understand the company’s policies and culture: The HR consultant should understand the company’s policies and culture related to disciplinary actions. This includes the company’s values, mission, and goals, as well as the existing disciplinary procedures and processes.
  1. Assess the company’s disciplinary needs: The HR consultant should assess the company’s disciplinary needs, including the types of misconduct or violations that are common in the workplace, the severity of those violations, and the frequency of such incidents.
  1. Develop a disciplinary support system: Based on the company’s policies, culture, and disciplinary needs, the HR consultant should develop a disciplinary support system that includes the following elements:

– Clear guidelines and procedures: The consultant should develop clear guidelines and procedures for dealing with disciplinary issues. These guidelines should outline the steps that will be taken when a violation occurs, and the consequences that will follow.

– Training and education: The HR consultant should provide training and education to employees and managers on the company’s disciplinary policies and procedures. This will ensure that everyone is aware of the expectations and consequences of their actions.

– Coaching and counseling: The consultant should provide coaching and counseling to employees who have committed a violation. This will help them understand the impact of their actions and how they can improve their behaviour in the future.

– Mediation and conflict resolution: The consultant should develop mediation and conflict resolution processes to help resolve conflicts between employees and managers before they escalate to a disciplinary issue.

– Review and monitoring: The HR consultant should regularly review and monitor the effectiveness of the disciplinary support system and make adjustments as necessary.

  1. Implement the disciplinary support system: The HR consultant should work with the company’s management team to implement the disciplinary support system. This may involve training managers and employees, updating policies and procedures, and communicating the new system to everyone in the organisation.
  2. Evaluate and refine the disciplinary support system: After the disciplinary support system has been in place for a period of time, the HR consultant should evaluate its effectiveness and refine it as necessary. This may involve gathering feedback from employees and managers, analysing disciplinary data, and adjusting the system based on the findings.